Monday, April 6, 2009


As many of you know my brother and Audrey have been trying to have kids for sometime. A few weeks back we found out that Audrey was pregnant, and she was possibly carrying 3 little ones. A couple days ago the doctors did an ultrasound and were able to see one baby and Daryl and Audrey were able to hear its heart beating. Everything seemed to be going good, but as Bro. Booker mentioned Sunday night complications came up earlier in the day and every sign pointed toward a miscarriage. The doctors immediately put her on bed rest and scheduled an appointment for today. While doing another ultrasound they were able to find that the baby’s heart was beating stronger than it was a few days before and it was developing tremendously. We were all so excited to hear the good news today and believe that God heard everyone’s prayers for them. Audrey is now on complete bed rest for at least a week and a half, and perhaps longer. I’m sure as you can imagine she is hating every minute of it, but knows that this is the best thing. We would like to thank everyone for praying and for your continued prayers for Daryl, Aud and baby “?”.

P.S. I would post some sonogram pictures, but will perhaps save that story for another post!